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My Mangaka LIFE

Sacred, volume 4 [PREORDER]

Sacred, volume 4 [PREORDER]

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[PREORDER] Printing begins Spring, 2024


Grandome's epic battle for survival has now begun, and their darkest fears become reality...

Lady Alumrion and the spiritualists are hot on the trail of the entity believed to have taken some of Grandome's children. Once it's found and its powers are displayed, it becomes apparent that they will need every Mystic in Grandome to defeat it! Even in the heat of battle, Skylar worries about his ominous vision, and fears what will happen to Sheko... and inevitably, his vision will come true. But where did this creature come from and what will become of Grandome? Their courage will be tested, their darkest fears will be realized, and their bonds of friendship will be strengthened... but who will be left standing?

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