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My Mangaka LIFE

Sacred, volume 3 [PREORDER]

Sacred, volume 3 [PREORDER]

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[PREORDER] Printing begins Spring, 2024



  • Genre: Occult/Comedy/Drama
  • Page Count: 232
  • ISBN: N/A
  • Chapters 15-18


An “Outsider” is welcomed, pasts are revealed, and an ominous vision strikes
fear in Skylar’s heart...

Where is Grandome? What is Mejic? When a young woman named Vandela enters Grandome, you will finally have answers
to these and many more of your most burning questions as you learn of Grandome and its culture through the eyes of an “Outsider.”

But while Skylar and the others try to help her cope with her new life, the unthinkable happens: young Mystics are disappearing in the dark of the night! As Lady Alumrion and Grandome’s finest spiritualists search frantically for the missing children, Skylar receives a horrifying vision that tells of impending doom. And once Lady Alumrion
comes close to unveiling the truth, her darkest fears are realized and an epic battle is about to take place...

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