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Sacred, volume 1 [Extended Edition]

Sacred, volume 1 [Extended Edition]

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[ Extended Edition ]

To celebrate the anniversary of Sacred’s release (and the upcoming release of volume 5), a special Extended Edition has been created!


Extended Edition includes

  • 12+ new pages!
  • New Cover Art!
  • Updated and improved artwork!



  • Pages: 235
  • Genre: Occult/Comedy/Drama
  • ISBN: 978-0-615-26905-4
  • Chapters 1-5

A cryptic dream, a forbidden summoning, and the day that will change their lives forever…

Cecero is a 16-year-old Mystic who lives in the country of Grandome: a sanctuary for those touched by the supernatural. He lives in a dorm with his best friend, Sheko (who is possessed by a demon and… addicted to porn), and attends classes with children from all over the world— each with unique reasons for coming to the sanctuary. His life can be chaotic (especially when it comes to his unhinged admirers), but overall he lives a life of security and privilege as the son of the great sorceress, Lady Alumrion.

But last night “the woman in white” appeared to Cecero in a dream and delivered a message to him; “Today’s the day she’ll give you your gift…You’ll finally prove to her that you’re ready.” When he awoke he knew today would be different. What he didn’t know was that after this horrifying day, his life and the lives of his loved ones would be forever changed, and an unthinkable chain of events would soon take place; Events that will challenge their abilities, warp their realities, and threaten everything they hold sacred.

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