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DELETER Manga Dipping Pen Set

DELETER Manga Dipping Pen Set

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DELETER is one of the most trusted art supply brands in Japan, and their line of pens, ink, screen tone, and manga paper are used by professional Mangaka! This awesome dipping pen set comes with a super comfortable pen handle and 3 of the best and useful pen nibs— one draws thick lines, one draw medium lines, while the third nib creates lovely fine lines. 


Dip 1/2 (half) of the nib into India ink. Hold above your jar of ink and lightly shake pen up and allowing any excess drops of ink to drip back into the jar. With light pressure, begin to ink your art. For best inking results use on manga paper, smooth Bristol paper, drawing boards, or any quality  paper designed for ink.



Wipe clean with water and dry carefully with cloth (such as T-shirt material or Viva paper towels). Do not leave dry ink on it. Keep dry and clean when not in use. Do not hold pontes nibs near your eyes.

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