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My Mangaka LIFE

My Mangaka LIFE, book 1 - Special Starter Kit

My Mangaka LIFE, book 1 - Special Starter Kit

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Whether you're ready to get published or are a beginner looking to learn how to make manga, this easy to understand instructional book is for you! No matter what your budget you can follow along with the tutorials in this book! Author Lizbeth R. Jimenez (aka "Mama Mushroom") has included lists of affordable art supplies (and clever alternatives to professional tools) to fit any budget (without sacrificing quality results for your art!)

Enjoy step-by-step instructions on drawing your pages, using/caring for dipping pens, beautiful shading techniques, and so much more!

This special $53 set includes:

  • 1 "How to Draw Manga" book (80 pages)
  • 1 dipping pen set that includes one Japanese dipping pen handle and 3 steel pen nibs!
  • 3 sheets of  professional Japanese manga paper so you can practice your inking skills!
  • 3 work sheets with different skill sharpening activities so you can try out the inking techniques in Lizbeth's book! 
  • Care instructions for your Japanese pen set!



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